What is a Maritime Attorney And Maritime Law

What Is a Maritime Attorney

maritime contains the meaning of matters relating to maritime affairs, shipping and navigation. The function of the maritime industry and the function of marine resource management, which regulates and manages sea transportation, the shipping industry and the fishing industry as well as several activities related to marine affairs. Our country is often called a maritime country.

The statement is actually not quite right, because in the international world in general what are called maritime countries (Maritime Countries) are countries that are already advanced in the shipping sector, meaning that they have most of the world’s sea transportation fleets and control trade by sea, so that the income element of the trade balance comes from sea transportation services and marine resources.

So the notion of a maritime state is more inclined to the economic aspect and not to the territorial aspect. For example, which are maritime countries, are Western Europe, England, the United States and Japan which control the world of shipping by sea and master technology for managing marine resources.

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Maritime law

Maritime Law is the law that regulates shipping in the sense of sea transportation and activities related to shipping or navigation, both including civil law and public law. In accordance with the legal dictionary “Black’s Law Dictionary”, that maritime law is the body of law governing marine commerce and navigation, the transportation of persons ad property and marine affairs in general; the rules governing contract, tort and workers’ compensation claims arising out of commerce on or over water. Also termed admiralty law (Black’s Law Dictionary, Seventh Edtion/Bryan A. Garner, Editor In Chief page 982). That in this sense does not include the law of the sea in the sense of the Law of the Sea.

Maritime law is the law that regulates shipping in the sense of transporting goods and people by sea, navigational activities, and shipping as a means/mode of sea transportation including safety aspects as well as activities directly related to trade by sea as regulated in civil/trade law as well as those regulated in maritime law. public law.

However, that does not mean that there is no connection at all between maritime law and the law of the sea in the sense of the Law of the Sea because several articles of the Law of the Sea such as articles 91, 92 and 94 are related to laws concerning ship nationality, ship registration and obligations. flag state to supervise ships flying the flag of that country, is included in maritime law.

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